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1.   Knowledge of design and typography: My years of experience in the Desktop Publishing/Typography field is extremely benificial in Webpage Design. I am convinced that my knowledge and experience would make me an asset to any company. My experience in graphic arts/typesetting/prepress dates back more than twenty years. I am knowledgeable on both MAC and PC platforms. I have recently completed an Associate Degree program in Computer Networking Operations. I also have excellent people skills which stems from my previous supervisory and training positions.

2.   Knowledge of IBM compatibles and commonly utilized software packages: Throughout my years of education and experience, I have worked with various software packages. I have always found the task of learning new software very straightforward. My experience with software includes: database (MS Access, Visual Basic), word processing, spreadsheets, and typesetting (QuarkXPress, MS Word, MS Excel), graphic design (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Homesite and Dreamweaver, PowerPoint), and many more. I am confident that I will easily acclimate myself to and become proficient with any software applications that are used for this position.

3.   Knowledge of computer operations: I have been working with personal computers, both IBM compatible and Macintosh, for more than fifteen years: From the start, I was familiarized with file and print sharing and gradually learned to understand the workings of a computer network. More recently, through my education at Katharine Gibbs School, (I maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout my studies), I have been exposed to a more involved study of computer networks. I am familiar with Windows 2000 Server and Professional, Cisco routers, network administration, databases, Windows 95/98, Windows XP, and MAC OS.

4.   Knowledge and experience with hardware and software configurations: For many years, I have not only done computer installations at work, and home, but have also been performing PC and peripheral installations for family, friends and associates. My education at Katharine Gibbs School has reinforced my knowledge of the workings of a computer. In order to pass the "Maintenance and Hardware" class I was required to dismantle and reassemble a computer (I received an A in that class). In addition, the class also instructed me to troubleshooting problems that occasionally come up when working with computers.

5.   Oral and written communication: As a production supervisor, I have seen the importance of good communication. Throughout my working career, I have effectively communicated with customers, fellow workers, and supervisors. Those years of experience have helped in developing an efficient working atmosphere for my fellow workers and myself. I appreciate the importance of listening to and weighing the qualities of many different points of view. Although, I realize that any final decisions or approvals must be the responsibility of a supervisor.

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